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Kajeet: Cell Phone for Kids

Kids and Cell Phones: Do They Mix? (Blogging Contest)

Thank you for all who participated in the Kids and Cell Phones: Do They Mix? Contest sponsored by Kajeet. I was so impressed with all of your tips for managing cell phone use with your kids. Thank you so much for sharing with the community!

So here is goes...the winners are...

First 10 mom bloggers to enter the contest were:
Judith Shakespeare
Charlotte Greene
Kitty Rosu
Tess Moody
JJ Blum
Malena Lott

And, congratulations to Susie (susieqtpie) she won the blogger with the most comments prize with 51 comments - WOW! Check out here blog here:

And the winner of the best five tips was Color Me Pink! Check out her blog post here!

Parents are getting cell phones to keep their kids safe as they venture out more independently. However, those same phones present both safety and budgeting concerns for parents. Out friends at Kajeet, the cell phone service made for kids, has come up with a fun and easy blogging contest for TwitterMoms! They want to hear from you!

Here's How It Works:

To participate, simply write a post on your blog telling us your 5 tips for managing cell phone use by your kids. How do you keep your kids safe from bullying, inappropriate content, and other hazards, and how do you maintain a budget for the use of the phone? The only requirement we ask is that your post includes at least one link to Then return to this discussion page, post a comment below summarizing your blog post, and include an active link to your qualifying blog entry. That’s it! Deadline to enter is Friday, April 10th at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Prize Structure:
-- The first 10 bloggers to enter the contest receive a Kajeet phone with $20 dollars in the wallet.
-- The blogger with the most comments will receive a Kajeet phone with $100 in the wallet.
-- The blogger who gave the best tips (judged by the experts at Kajeet) will win a Kajeet phone with $150 in the wallet.

About Kajeet:

In A Nutshell: Kajeet Believes Kids Are Smart. Check out more about kajeet by clicking here.

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I just posted about kids and cell phones here My son has one that hubby gave him from work but he doesn't currently have minutes because I think he is still too young. I want to be able to contact my kids when they get older and are away from home si I definitely think they will both eventually have one. Probably by the time they are 10 with strict limitations.
I blogged about 5 tips I use to manage my daughters cell phone usage here. Most are common sense but they work!
We purchased a cell phone for my then eight-year-old just over two years ago. We've developed a pretty solid system via trial and error over those years, let me tell you. :) My post is at
I just posted about keeping the cell phone bill down with a few tips. Hope this helps..we'd love to win one. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.It's a lot of common sense ones but it really works like keeping a timer for when she uses the cell phone, and the times she's allowed to use it. They all work together and it helps big time!
Here is a link to my Kajeet post and the top 5 tips I can offer. I have 4 kids and 3 of them have had cell phones for at least a year so how appropriate for me!
I just posted over on my blog about how to save when choosing the right cell phone for your kids!

Here's the permalink to my post: Kids and cell phones.



To Cell or Not to Cell That's my question!

Thanks for a great contest!
Here is my post:

As a school counselor I see this as a HUGE problem between parents and teens. I offer 5 tips that I have found helpful in the clients I deal with on a daily basis!

Kajeet seems like the perfect plan for these situations!

Thanks for this!

I just posted my 5 tips over at Here's the link.
I just blogged this! Thanks
Here is my blog post :

I have a 12 year old and my best advice for getting kids a cell phone are to plan it all out, set the rules up beforehand, and stick to them. Make sure your child is mature and responsible before letting them get a cell phone.

Beth Davis AKA Plus Size Mommy





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