I Need Lots of Help with My Oprah Campaign

Asking all my blog friends for help...

If you follow my blog you know how much I love Oprah.  It is my dream to meet her.  After a year of unanswered emails I started my own campaign.  I let the Oprah Show know that I started the I Want to Have A Martini with Oprah campaign on Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Want-To-Have-A-Martini-With-Oprah/1...  You can read the full story at my site.

I am hoping that all my blog friends could help me by liking the page.  I hope to get 2000 likes.  If you need anything done for your blog just let me know and Ill do it, tweet, comments, anything..  I cant believe Im doing this.



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Hey Girl! I just liked your page and will post on my fb page for you! :) Good luck! I hope you get to meet her! :)




Awww his little face is sooo cute.  I voted but there there a certain giveaway that you want me to tweet and FB?  I see that you have a lot.  Just let me know and its done.  Thanks for your help.

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