How Do You Feel About Your Child's Sugar Intake?

Do you limit the amount of sugar your child consumes, or do you just let them eat what they want? Are you even aware of the amount of sugar your child eats and drinks in a day? Check out my latest blog post on this subject:

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Childern should take least amount of sugar to maintain health and prevent obesity.

I am a hawk when it comes to what we eat. I feel like it is part of our job as parents to empower our children to make smart choices. Yes, sometimes I have to deal with whining but is totally worth it!

Thanks for sharing guide on how to cut kids sugar intake by uncovering hidden sources of this sweet treat! I think we should also try to keep extra sugar out of child’s diet by choosing foods with 'no added sugar', 'reduced sugar' or 'low in sugar' on the label.

Your blog has very useful information. I agree kids are surrounded with sugar everywhere. It is up to us as parents to control their consumption. Obesity is a big concern with kids today and an effort is required to help our children make healthy choices. Thanks for sharing this.

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