How did you introduce 'charity' to your children?

Introducing charity to children, how did you do it?

With recent devastating world events it's made me think back to when I volunteered and how I can bring my little one up to be charitable. 

Read about how a volunteering trip to Thailand effected my parenting...

Please comment with any good ideas to get kids involved with charity.

Thanks! :)

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I actually started a nonprofit, Pink-Surance to fund genetic testing for women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer.  My daughter will be 7 this month.  I have gotten her involved every chance I get.  I teach her about te cause ad what we do and why we do it in an age appropriate way.  I allow her to participate in what she wants I do not push her.  She enjoys coming to events and passing out flyers and stickers, etc.  I also come up with little ways she can raise money and use it at events, for raffles etc.  We also participate and run childrens walks.  For more info on the cause

I love this question because it is so near and dear to my heart.  For me, the answer is make giving "fun" and rewarding so that it becomes associated with positive feelings not sacrifice.   When we started ECHOage to address this specific question, we were overwhelmed with positive feedback about how kids felt about giving.  They got to choose their own charity and and see the impact that their birthday party had on the world.  Thrilling for the child and so helpful to those in need.  Never to soon to start the dialogue of giving.


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