Help: Any Disney or Princesses that Wore Glasses?

BabyGirl got her first pair of glasses yesterday and just came in looking very sad, I asked what was wrong and she replied:

"I can't be a princess anymore mom. There were no princesses that wore glasses, Cinderella never wore them."

I can tell this really meant something to her and the simple that's okay is not going to make this better. Anyone know of a Disney or a Princess or maybe an actress that played a Princess that wore one? Thank you all, she just turned 6 this last weekend.

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Someone told me Belle (in beauty in the beast) wore glasses. Any other Princesses or Disney Princesses?
You are breaking my heart. No Disney Princesses but try Princess Peepers
also glasses with Disney Princesses:
Disney Princess Glasses
Isn't that super sad though?

It would really be nice if there was at least one princess with glasses. I sure wish there was anyways.

I was really bummed when I needed glasses, but got pink ones with gold. They were really pretty and made up for the fact that I needed to wear glasses. Plus, there are some really pretty cases out there.
Yes, her glasses are a very pretty pink with streaks of purple going through it. They are also really thin, which I think looks great on her face. I ordered that Princess Peeper, thank you.
Oh thats really sad, I'm going to get my daughter on this as she is a disney fan and will hopefully find one for you.

All the best Ruth
she did not wear glasses at all times but there is a scene in the beginning where belle wears glasses while with her father. The only other disney character I can think of is the chipmunk sister. Sorry
Me again, my daughter and I could not think of a princess with glasses, but really feel that if we could we would tell her that a real princess can be seen to wear, jeans, t shirts, trainers, glasses, braises and looks very like every other little girl. The way you can see them is that they are the ones helping out their friends in the play ground, they pick their friends up when they fall down, they say nice things to someone who is sad and try to make them happy. Real princesses are helping mummy and daddy at home, they are kind to their brother and sister and play nicely with them, they take care of their toys and share them. A real princess will feel good from inside their heart and you will be able to tell from the smile on their face that they are very special. It is what you do that makes you a princess and not what you wear, after all your daughter is a princess and she wears glasses so it must be true.
I know that there's lots of Sesame Workshop stuff about glasses, if that helps...
She is not a disney princess but the princess diary, the first one princess mia did, right?
This blog post on glamour girls wear glasses... might help a little! ...and be sure to tell her no princess ever lost her title because of gaining a pair of glasses!

Which Disney princess is your DD's favorite? ;o)
Belle is, same name as her and after that it is Cinderella.

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