Are you faced with the challenges of feeding your family on a tight budget? Feeding them well - not to mention yourself?


I'd love to hear how you do it, and what you think we can do as parents - and as a nation - to make healthy food more accessible and affordable.


Food, Glorious Food! (On a Budget)


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Start by being organized.  Get some 3x5 cards or scraps of paper and write down every recipe you can make from scratch or with minimum processed foods.  Put these on the calendar for each night of the week.  Make your shopping list based on the calendar.The #1 energy waste is not AC or cars it is food that is prepared and thrown away!!!  The average family of 4 can save $100 a week not eating out and not wasting. 

Get the kids involved to the max.  The more they cook the more they eat (they are less picky).  Also, as you start saving money, share it with the kids (profit sharing).  If they are old enough to read, have them go through the sales flyers either online or in the newspaper.

Make healthy food convenient.  Have fruit and vegetables on hand.  If there aren't any cookies, they'll eat the good stuff.

Happy eating.


I could not agree more about the issues of waste when it comes to food - I don't think we realize. 

Great suggestions for healthy eating on a budget!

Until recently I was working full time and I was a full time student.  I'm a single mom so there were just not enough hours in the day for me.  Cooking and shopping were difficult to fit into the schedule.  Years ago I clipped coupons so I started doing it again and I had a small stockpile when I was laid off so we have been ok for the last month.  You can find coupons for organic foods like Kashi and Annie's products.  Seventh Generation also has offers coupons.  They all have Facebook pages and the coupons are either there or on the company website.  I try to watch the sales for fresh veggies and meat.  I've saved a lot just by clipping the coupons and being diligent about sales. 

We have a green grocers up the road.  They often have great specials, and sometimes they are fruit or veg that are a bit bruised, or heading a little on the way out - but it's super cheap.  The bonus to this is that with a bit of cheap chuck steak, and a sachet of beef gravy powder, i can make up a huge pot of stew/casserole.  Lots of vege's (the old ones are still great to throw into a stew), a little bit of meat, and the gravy makes it taste good.  So the gravy is the only ingredient that is not natural.


I think if you start at your green grocers and cheap meat markets, it makes things a lot easier.  Even if you only had bread for breakfast and lunch, at least you would know dinner would be packed with real meat and vege's.




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