I love sending and receiving mailed Christmas cards.

IMO, an email with your family picture doesn't cut it. And I'm even starting to get tired of the Elf Yourself emails too (unless you include pets -- I still laugh at those ones.. and OK, I'll check it out if they have something new this year).

Just wondering if you Twitter Mom's mail Christmas cards.
How many do you mail? How many do you receive?

I am finding each year, fewer of my friends mail cards. I think it would be terrible to lose this Christmas tradition; to me, it's just as special as the Christmas tree,Christmas stockings, and our annual neighborhood Christmas party

Nothing beats receiving mail and getting a personal note, and maybe a picture.
What do you think?

Happy Holiday planning & fun,

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I agree! I do still send them and love receiving them. Such a special time of year!
BTW -- Costco in Canada sells stamps in bulk -- cheaper than Canada Post.
Not sure if this is the case in the US - but check it out if you are a Costco member.

I am so happy to see that so many of use Twitter Moms/Families mail Christmas cards - suhc a nice tradition.
Hi Lesley,

I have to admit that I have fallen behind in the last few years. Before, the boys and I used to make our own cards for Christmas (well, all occassions) and mail them out to family and close friends but we didn't really have that much to do because most of our families all live together. We rarely got any back because nowadways people just email or text us pictures and whatnot. So.. in the past 2 years I have to say that I have not sent any out but want to this year but it just snuck up on us so quickly! I'm hoping that if time allows it that we still have a lot of time to do what we used to. =)

I do always mail Christmas cards at least to immediate family and really close friends.  I too love finding the perfect outfit or coming up with a Christmas Card that will out do the last one.  I found this past year we really didnt receive many at all.  Either we have became really unpopular or our people just didnt send them out this year I dont know.  I prefer real ones to emailed ones, and I am also tired of the ELF yourself.  I thought it was really cute the first year it went around but come on now.

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