There is a great deal of controversy about co-sleeping nowadays. Some studies show it increases mom's stress hormones as well as the risk of SIDS, while others show that it benefits babies and prevents obesity. Where do you stand? Check out my blog post on this subject at:

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My children are teenagers now but I co-slept with one then both of them.   It helped me sleep better because I didn't have to get up so many times during the night to go over to the crib (when very young) or to another room.

I just looked over, saw they were ok, then went back to bed.  Talk about no-stress.  ;-)

I think more parents co-sleep than we think.  I am from Africa and have lived in Asia for many years.  In many parts of the world, co-sleeping is not an option or even a concept.  It is just what happens naturally. For me I didn't for one moment consider putting either of my children in a crib. Its what the child and parent want and need.  I believe a newborn needs the rhythm of it's mother's heartbeat, something that it has been accustomed to for 9+ months and should be allowed to wean of it when they are ready to.  I may be wrong, but I feel like co-sleeping is only a controversial in the western world. I'd be curious to know the scope of the study.

Despite the possible pros, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns parents not to place their infants to sleep in adult beds. My personal thinking is that co-sleeping promotes confidence and self esteem. Children who do not co-sleep are harder to control, less able to deal with stress and are more likely to be dependent upon their parents.

I am very bias.  I was a CPS investigator and worked many child deaths because of co-sleeping.  I know that many parents co-sleep, but the devastation that waking up to a dead baby out weighs any benefit for me.  Those parents could not believe it.  They had slept with their babies several times... months sometimes and many times older siblings they co-slept with.  It's sad.

Co- sleeping with your kid makes the kid feel secure and develop a lot faster. They tend to cling with the mother and take a sound sleep. Moreover, I read somewhere recently that such kids grow up to be better as far as verbal skills are concerned.

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