My 11 y.o. son suffers from intermittent depression, so we listen to Tony Robbins in the car as I drive him to school. We reached a point in the CD where Tony talks about focusing on great things and greatness will happen. My son made the extremely negative comment, "That doesn't work!" I couldn't hold back, I let him have it.

I told him that I am sick and tired of his negativity, its a beautiful day-the sun is shining and YOU have the ability to SEE so appreciate it and be thankful, not negative. There was silence the rest of the way.

I dropped him off a 1/2 a block away from school (he's too cool to be seen getting a ride from mommy). As I watched him walk to the school grounds, I noticed a man. A blind man. My son had to pass the man and walk close to him to get to school.

I almost cried because I knew that God himself put the blind man there at that very moment for IMPACT. The man was an angel sent to give me a helping hand in raising my son. Thank you Lord!

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Just curious, did you talk to your son later to see if he was impacted by seeing the blind man? Yes, I do believe in angels, particularly since my daughter was hospitalized as a newborn 19 years ago. I have had a fascination with their presence ever since. I have always been a christian, but in that particular situation, as a young mom, I had an unexplainable feeling of an angels presence with my daughter and myself. Recently I purchased 3 duplicate glass angels and gave one to each of my daughters and kept one for myself. 'Sort of my way of reminding them that someone is looking out for them as they are entering the adult world.

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