I need a little advice from my fellow bloggers.

I've been blogging for three and a half years, so I've built up a long line of posts on my blog. Many of them were time-sensitive things, like deals and coupons. More of my posts now are more durable - like craft projects and recipes.

Should I go back and delete my old, useless posts? Although they aren't really adding anything to my blog, I would hate for deleting them to adversely affect my Google PR because of pageviews and comments. Does that make sense? What have others people done and how has that worked for you?

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I would leave them if it was me.  You never know what old posts could still bring traffic in.  Plus if you linked back to those pots anywhere (or others did) you're going to create dead links, and that's not good.

yes, i delete time sensitive posts and giveaways when they expire.

I know bloggers who have deleted old posts that were irrelevant to their blog as it is now. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. I used to promote others giveaways way back before I started doing reviews so those old post from 3 yrs ago no longer are relevant .

I would hate to delete them and cause broken links from google 

That's kind of where I am at. On the one hand, I still get traffic to older posts. On the other hand, those readers aren't getting much out of grocery coupon match-ups and giveaways that ended years ago. I do hope that when readers land on an old useless post that they are motivated to see what is new. I get frustrated though, when I'm googling something and all I can find are blogger's posts to coupons from 2009.

No, I never do.

I even leave up my old blogs that I've long since abandoned because they're like breadcrumbs that lead to me now.

Your old posts add a sense of history to your new readers and still get google juice and visitors.  Site visitors are smart enough to see that the link that pulled them in is old and will click on your home or other post links to see what's new... esp if you have newer coupons etc.   If not, they may be interested in what you're now offering.

There's even a post now on my blog that I was recently thinking of deleting because I talk about something that is controversial... and then I read two top bloggers and marketers explain the importance of using controversy to build an audience through the attract/repel marketing technique.

So I guess I won't delete that either.  ;-)

No, don't delete anything it will leave you with a TON of broken links and that is very bad for seo and google and for people clicking on your links 

I don't, however, I do make sure to delete links to broken sites, for example, if I'm not blogging at a place anymore.

I delete posts when a company goes out of business or a product has been discontinued. I also delete coupons and deals after a year or two passes, because affiliate managers encourage affiliates to do so. :)

I agree with Lauren!

lauren happel said:

No, don't delete anything it will leave you with a TON of broken links and that is very bad for seo and google and for people clicking on your links 

I don't delete old posts, but I haven't been blogging for long enough on my current blog for that to be an issue.  I prefer to have the whole history available though for people who are interested. 

As a blog reader, I like it when old posts are still there.  There have been times when a blogger has referenced something from earlier in their life (whether months or a couple of years) that they've discussed previously in their blog, and it's nice to be able to go back and catch up on what I didn't see.

No.  But sometimes I recycle old posts and articles, polish them up and send out links to them on FB, Twitter, etc.  

You need to keep all your content because larger sites get found by search engines more quickly.  Also if you're looking to make any money from Google or anyone else you should have much content as possible.  

I would not delete the old posts and like Kendra said, maybe re-post them hoping to get more traffic this time round. I wouldn't know what sense it makes to leave the time-sensitive ones or the ones with deals and coupons behind.

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