Back to School supplies - what do you do?

I know, they are just out of school.. but I gotta ask..

My DD11 finishes school next Thurs (late I know) & yesterday she came home with the school supply list for September (she'll start Grade 6 - public school).

At our school, we are given an option to pay $40 & the school will get the supplies & bring to the kids on the 1st day back. Benefit is convenience for parents; bulk buy for school; & some school fundraising $ (but not sure how much).


OR - they give us a list, &parents can buy our own supplies.


We buy the supplies ourselves , because:

1 - we re-use some supplies for last year (pencil case; scissors; geometry set; erasers; glue sticks..)

2 - hubby takes DD school supply shopping in mid August .. and we find it a fun way to get excited about back to school.


Wondering how your family & school handles school supplies.

Also a back pack question. Do your kids reuse the back pack til it falls to shreds, or do you buy a new one each year. And for back to school clothes --  do your kids get decked out in new clothes, or do you keep the summer shorts going as long as possible?


happy Summer -- but see you in Sept.


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we buy our own...i usually try to pick up thing periodically throughout the summer so it's not one big bill.  Also because we use things from last year the pencil box, sharpeners, etc.
Honestly, I would love the $40 option. I have 4 kids that are getting ready to enter school again (they've home schooled for awhile now) and I spent tons of money on supplies when they were going and getting things from Walmart. Also, it would save me a drive. We don't have lists yet though, and school starts mid-July.

Oops...hit send before I finished....


backpacks each year...sometimes twice a kids tend to be hard on them. They also end up going trough 4 or 5 plastic or steel water bottles each year too. 


Back to school clothes...this year it's we'll be buying them all...I'm going to try to get each of them a couple and just do laundry every other day (runs screaming) for awhile until I can build up their uniform stash.

I totally ALWAYS buy my school supplies during back to school season. I don't think I would ever buy the prepackaged supplies, even if they WERE saving me supply shopping is a tradition that i have with my kids that you can't put a price tag on.  Plus i love couponing and shopping for the fun deals! ~ Candy @
For supplies I do what Mary T said above - stock up slowly with sales. Last year I spent about $10 on supplies for two elementary kids! Mine are pretty destructive with backpacks so we have to get new ones each year. I buy really cheap ones now but am hoping that as they get older (are more careful) I can buy something nice that will last. We wear uniforms, but I still don't spend much. We go through what has been outgrown and then shop at thrift stores and clearance racks year-round. I buy a size or two larger in something I know they will need later. For example, I bought my daughter several pair of tights for this winter during a spring sale at 50 cents a pair.
We homeschool but we do buy supplies during the summer before fall.  I try to catch the back to school sales at Walmart, Staples, etc.  I also enroll my children in the local library's summer reading program, they usually win a goodie bag of supplies at the end of summer for reading the required amount of books.  This also helps with supplies as we soon run out of a lot midway through the year.  As for bookbags, we use them when traveling to carry books, assignments, snacks and for library outings, so we end up needing new ones about every other year.

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