I am just curious if you twitter for work or personal or both? If you were told by your employer that you couldn't have an online presence would you quit?

I do not have much about me because of that reason. I am not allowed to even say what I do because I am a representative of that company. I used to blog alot and it brought me business but now I am limited to just personal.

What would you do?

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I value twitter for both.
I laugh to myself when I hear pundits dismiss Twitter. For me it has opened so many doors that otherwise would not only have been closed but would have been unknown to us. The space has the unique ability to remove the barriers of time, space and perception in a way that I think is wonderful and should be respected. I have had the opportunity to tweet with Deepak Chopra about advice for my insomnia, meet new and wonderful women I now consider good friends and have come to know those in our area of expertise.
I definitely Twitter for both. I have a great Twitter Community and just added a discussion on How To Host A Twitter Party. It can be done for business and might give others some ideas.
I love Twitter.
Great question, btw.
This is interesting and I have just posted a discussion How To Host A Twitter Party.

I would love your comments on running a business promotion Twitter Party with a hash tag of, say, #NotMoreThanTwice

What do you think?


Amy @ Living Locurto said:
I twitter for personal. As a business owner myself, I wouldn't mind if my employees were on Twitter, but I'm in the design business and create web sites. We're online all day anyway. I can see if you had one person who ended up twittering all day and not getting any work done or writing about inappropriate things. It just takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone else right?

Sounds like this might be a deal breaker for you. Good luck with your decision:-)
Love that reply. I am the Boss, too. Or so I thought. But, in Social Media, your brand and reputation online are rapidly becoming the boss.

I have just started a discussion How To Host A Twitter Party. Would love your comments.

Tammy Munson said:
SInce I'm self-employed and my name and my community is part of my brand .. I blog about personal things as well as "business related " things too. I know the boss doesn't care about it because I'm the boss. : )
I got onto Twitter for professional purposes--I work in PR--and I wanted to understand what was going on there. But I find I am just posting for personal interest. I figure the knowledge can help me in my job but it is not utilized for my company.
I twitter for business, but I also twitter awareness issues, organizations, things per to family, children, abuse, etc I had thought of having 2 separate accounts one strictly business/web design/codes and the other for family/home/awareness, etc, but found it easier to encompass everything under one name, since I have building that name for the past 6 years.

As for not being able to blog or tweet about certain information, topics due to the restrictions the company may have, I can also relate. Went through this a few years ago when I was working as a broker through Ameriplan. I actually got an email from their legal dept because I had mentioned the name in my profile and did not get permission, what the heck? There were just too many restrictions, not enough information per the company policy, etc so I just left.

I know other gals from various types of DS companies are going through the same thing, and feel it is just absurd that someone can not promote out, within the legal ethics of that companies policy, what they are selling, especially when it comes to blogging and twitter (2 very big platforms right now). A few gals did share that they had a separate domain/site set up with a name they created, that redirected to the actual site they were working with. Don't know if that helps?

Well, I hope you will get some good feedback on this and will find a solution to this soon. Have a great day, Patricia
Both. I keep my personal account separate from my business account. Reason is I strive to maintain a professional atmosphere on the business account. As for the personal account, I tweet just about anything although I do limit the information I put out there...for example, I don't announce travel plans or if I am home alone because my husband is out of town on a business trip. You never know who is reading so I choose to err on the side of caution. :)

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