Ok ladies, this is the place to talk about your blog/site,etc and be able to put links...we can all support eachother!!!

Ill start..i have my "big three"

1) mommybar toolbar - the toolbar for moms!!

2) mommyRanks - DIGG for Moms - submit, rank, and comment on other moms blog entries

3) Mommybid - My new site, sort of like Ebay for moms. Please check out this, I need some support!!!

I look foward to visiting your sites!!


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My blog and little business is the ¢entsible life.
I mostly write about family finances and keeping organized with a family of 6.
My small business is mainly organizing, and helping people learn more about saving money, and paying off debt.
Hi Cheryl:
Would you be interested in running a contest to give away a Karito Kid? If not familiar with them, check them out at www.karitokids.com. They are award-winning dolls and books from around the world to teach children about other countries and cultures and also how they can help other less fortunate children. Beautiful product with a wonderful lesson -- moms and their daughters can sit down, input an online code and choose how to help another little girl with food, health, school or home. 3% of the retail price is given to children's charity and the child chooses where it should go! Email me at Lsteenproctor@kidsgive.com if you have any interest.
Thanks, Lisa

Cheryl Nelson said:
Going to check out mommyRanks right now! SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD ONE!
If anyone is interested I am running a contest on my site to win a hairclippie from an adorable site called ellabellahairclippies. To enter you just need to go to my site: http://www.funforkids.today.com and scroll down to the April 16th post and leave a comment. Its that easy! You can visit as many times as you want and enter as many times as you like! Tell your friends too!

My links are: http://www.funforkids.today.com
Hi Mommies!
I am new to twittermoms, but I love it already! My website is www.skinnyandthecity.com, where you can find tips on Nutrition, Beauty, Fashion, Dining Out, and our Obsessions. Sign up for the free daily newsletter and have these tips sent to your email every morning! There are great contests and prizes, and the site content is written by registered dietitians and fashion experts, so all of the information is legit.
See you on our site to get the skinny!
Hello Ladies! I am brand-spanking new to twitter and I can't wait till I figure out how to get around here ( I am very green right now :). So far, I love what I see!

My shameless self promotion is: www.skinies.com

I design one-of-a-kind beautiful camis for nursing women that help hold in the post-baby belly! I would love to have you visit!

I truly love this thread. One of my favorite things to do is check out sites built by other women. Looking forward to visiting yours!

My book: Time for mom-Me: 5 Essential Strategies for A Mother's Self-care

My website: Finding Definitions ( a company created to empower mothers to practice better self-care)

Great idea!
My blog:

http://blog.liviaweb.com - aimed to give tips and news to protect our children online.

My twitter:


happy surfing..
Thanks so much! I never knew about that site! I am finding out so much from you Mama's! I really appreciate you all! I am finding so many wonderful blogs in the process :)

Lauren Weitzman said:
OMG so many members on the site!! so happy
dont forget to check out mommyranks and put your links up there for others to see!!
Here are my sites:
1) Colorful Childhood Store - fun, colorful, made in USA products for children. Shipping is always free, use coupon code "Twittermoms" for $5 off any purchase.
2) Colorful Childhood Blog - just some thoughts and ideas from me and other moms I know.
3) Berserker Comfort Tricycle - comfort recumbent tricycle makes it super easy for anybody to bike.
Love this! I've got a site and it includes a $200 beauty give-a-way. We all love free beauty products right :)
Here my site: www.ninenaturals.com
For the Beauty Bucks Give-a-Way enter here: www.ninenaturals.com/about
I have a new blog post this morning. Just started with the whole "blog thing", but hoping to post everyday......**hoping**! Coupon code on the blog for my website. Feel free to follow and share with friends!
Thanks so much for your support!
Im new here. But not to creating places on the web. Here are a few of mine! ;)

And THANKS for the chance for a little SSP! :)

My Squidoo pages~http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/GrannyNan

My Forum Link Library~ http://dollyelfs.proboards.com

My websites~http://ask-grannynan.synthasite.com/


Still working on getting my store up and running. I make special order puppiekid jewelry and one of a kind personalized denim purses.
Please have a look at my website, it's all about children's behaviour.


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