So far most of my fellow Twitterers are other bloggers, and of course the occasional fan! But I also have Twitters who are a special group of people who have Invisible Illnesses like I do. In Blogworld I am Emily, in the other world I am myself.

Sometimes I find it hard to post Tweets that will fit everyone, i.e., make my fellow Bloggers and followers laugh, or tell the others when I am feeling sick.

Do you have this problem and do you make your Tweets fit all your followers? Do you Tweet under a few names? That might get crazy though.


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I guess I blog under different names, but they aren't really "names", just nicknames that I have gone by that remain when I don't care to use my real name.

I haven't been blogging long, so as far as followers, I can't say that I write to please anyone but myself! (for now, at least!) I write and blog because I have a passion for it. I write and give my opinions on topics that matter to me such as parenting (MAJOR in my life!), cooking, crafting, and others.

I have found a few that have started enjoying my blogs who were former acquaintances from additional sites. But they have found each of my topics useful and helpful for all.
Well...I keep in touch with friends and families. Also I have different groups that I follow. I do add a little humor in there for those who enjoy it.
I only tweet and blog under my alias which is upcountrysmiles....however blogging in other names have crossed my mind...hehehehe!!!
I mostly twitter other travel moms and their travel blogs or businesses. Some people, though, just make me laugh and i love to follow them!
Hi Emily,

I encountered this problem for a few days. I solved it by deciding to use one Twitter identity and making sure that my public Tweets are suitable for the vast majority of people in my Twitter circle. If I want to Tweet someting that I think the vast majority of them would find odd or uncomfortable, I DM them or send a few people a good old-fashioned email message.

Here's a real life example. My husband is also my business partner. I Tweet interesting stuff we are doing together. But when I want to vent, I DM or email other women who also work with their husbands. I get it off my chest without making people feel uncomfortable. If I wouldn't say it out loud at a cocktail party or put it on the cover of a magazine, I don't Tweet it to my public circle.

A few of my close associates Twitter using different identities and it's kind of a pain. What if you forget to log out as Person A? Then you end up Tweeting something to people you don't intend to Tweet to. They also have to manage two or three Twitter circles and that gets a little overwhelming considering that it's challenging enough just to keep up with one!

Hope this helps.

Donna Maria @ Indie Business

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